Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Celebrate Fake Tanning

Orange Cafeteriaizter

Large glass
Vanilla Fro-yo from the machine
Pour orange soda on top

The end result should look something like Jessica Simpson.
It's like eating out, when you have no money

Cafeteria Taco Salad

Kidney beans from salad bar
Mayonnaise, half as much as sour cream
Sour Cream, a big scoop
Hot sauce/salsa, to taste
Tomatoes - the more the better if they are good and not mealy
Shredded Cheese or Nacho cheese
Chicken slices (grilled/pulled if your cafeteria serves them)
Hamburger, no bun
Pita bread or tortilla, toasted

One person gets the salad bar ingredients, except beans. Cut up tomatoes and onions into smaller pieces.
One person makes the mayonnaise-sour cream-salsa/hot sauce mixture. He or she can get the hamburger or chicken, as well.
One person microwaves the kidney beans and slightly mashes them up. Add a small amount (like a tsp) of water to the plate. Timing varies on this one -- those microwaves can be scary. Try 30 seconds at a time.

1. Lay down bed of lettuce, my favorite is romaine. It is slightly more nutrient dense than ice berg lettuce.
2. Spread bean mixture
3. Spread on sour cream, mayonnaise, hot sauce mixture
4. Sprinkle olives and onions
5. Sprinkle tomatoes and chicken or broken up hamburger
6. Cover with shredded cheese
When I took a food science course last semester there wasn't much helpful information on the web about the actual science of cooking and I had to look it up in actual books--oh my! Hopefully this blog will help bridge the gap between the chemistry/science part of cooking and actual tasty food.

I am also going to become a Registered Dietitian so I will try to include ways to make recipes healthier and other tips.